Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sleight of Hand Politics

Ask 10 U.S. citizens if they support Israel and 8 out of those 10 people will answer yes. (See article in the Economist) So if the leaders of the USA have an agenda to throw people out of their homes in Israel in order to give Jewish land to terrorists and chop up Jerusalem, it would seem that they would run into some opposition from the citizens of the USA.

While all eyes are focused on the New Hampshire primary, Bush and company are in Jerusalem pushing his "Road Map" and his dream of a Palestinian terrorist state. Sleight of hand politics.

Throughout history there have been a few other leaders of powerful nations who dared to think they could separate the Holy Kotel from the Jewish people. History proves that is not a wise move.

Here is a 2 minute educational video that gets straight to the point:

Video Title: A Message to Mr. Bush: Don't Touch My Anointed

Source: Lazer Beams - www.lazerbrody.net

It is time to start praying.

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