Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Orleans Map

Map of New Orleans as posted on the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center website:


Hurricane Katrina Survivors Info

This is a message board with lots of information including lists of survivors from hurricane Katrina:


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New Orleans News Update Resource

The situation appears to be getting worse by the minute in New Orleans. Now they are talking about evacuating all the refugees in the Superdome.

For local news updates in New Orleans try this link:

I have been at that website all afternoon and they are updating it frequently. Remember to hit the Refresh button on your browser to view updates.


Hurricane Katrina Survivor Locator

Here is a place for people to post the names of people they know survived the hurricane, or to try to locate those who are missing:

Also, view previous post for another resource in locating missing persons.


If You Need Help Contacting People.....

Communications with anyone in New Orleans and the other areas hit by the hurricane are very difficult. Too many people are desperate with worry over someone who stayed through the hurricane and they have not yet heard from them.

The Salvation Army and Ham Radio operators have an online emergency contact request form that you can fill out and submit. Your inquiry will be sent to the disaster area, where SATERN personnel will attempt to locate the person or persons about whom you are inquiring.

The link to the Health and Welfare Information Request Form is:

You can read more about what they are doing at this link:

I hope this information can help you.


Monday, August 29, 2005

Sunday Evening Update

Things have calmed down in Eutaw, it is still windy but not much rain. I have heard reports of trees down on power lines and roads blocked by fallen trees. We'll find out about damages in the morning.

As of 8:30 pm, Alabama Power is reporting 348,414 customers without power in Alabama and they are expecting that number to rise during the night.

We did some planning after the last hurricane and bought a generator. It is very stressful to be totally cutoff from all communications during times like these. Last time I tried using a battery powered radio but the reception was terrible and I couldn't hear anything about the weather situation.

This time I have been able to keep in touch using email and keep up to date via the internet. Since Friday I have keep informed on the situation in New Orleans by going to the Weather Forum at You get a lot more information there and usually before it is reported by the major media.


Electric Power Is Off

We have been loosing power off and on for the past several hours. It went off again and I think this time it is going to stay off because the wind is really picking up now.

We are running the computer off the generator and as long as our DSL stays on we can keep updated on the weather situation.


Happy Birthday Ashleigh!

It's Ashleigh's birthday!!!!! She is 8 years old!!!!! Yeah!!!!!

Have a fun birthday Ashleigh, I will see you this weekend!!!!!


Checking In

Everything is fine here. We lost power this afternoon but it has been restored. Conditions are rough in Meridian so I am guessing it won't be long before the weather worsens here also. Meridian MS is approximately 60 miles west of our location.


Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hurricane Katrina - Here We Go Again

They said we are going to have a heavy hurricane season and I guess they were right! However, I don't think any of us would have expected anything as horrible as the fast approaching hurricane Katrina.

We are getting ready to perform backups and then shut down the main office computers. When that is finished, I will be back here, watching, waiting and posting while the nightmare unfolds.

To all our family, friends and customers who ask us "why do we live here?", well, I am asking myself that same question. I am sooooo tired of this.